About DailyAffair
DailyAffair portal is a casual dating portal that brings women, men and couples together who are looking for a fling or erotic adventure with sophisticated, like-minded individuals.
DailyAffair provides a meeting point on the Internet where you can find fast, discreet and classy erotic adventures. It does not matter whether you are looking for a bit of flirting online, a hot one-night stand, a long-term relationship or a passionate love affair, DailyAffair you will find many like-minded people who share your wishes and desires.
Your sexual preferences and your desired search area are compared with the data of other members. On the basis of these comparisons, matching erotic contacts are suggested.
Registration and Login
To sign in to DailyAffair , simply fill out the registration form on our home page and confirm that you have read our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and privacy policy. Click on "Register now for free!" You will be redirected and asked to enter a password directly to your profile that you can fill out individually. Right after this step you will receive your first erotic contacts and can build on the personal information in your profile. Of course, all information will be kept strictly confidential and discreet!
If you’re a member of DailyAffair, you can sign in on the home page in the upper right corner under "Member Login" with your email address and password. Enter your login details in the appropriate fields and click "Login".
If you have forgotten your password, click on the link, “Forgot your password?” under the login field. On the next page, enter your email address and create a new password by clicking on, “Request a new password”.

Shortly after, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to change your password immediately. After clicking on the link, it will open the site in your browser window. There, you will be able to enter your new password and confirm it. You may now log in using your email address and new password.
Login to DailyAffair and click on the menu bar under "My Profile" and then "Settings". It opens a page where you can view and change your data. Here you can also provide a new password.
Profile and Photos
On the menu bar, click "Profile" and then on "My Photos". Now you can click on "upload photo" and select a picture. You can upload up to ten images. Files should have one of the following formats: JPEG / JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP. If you have chosen an image, you can rotate it if necessary. Then click on "Save".

If you have only uploaded one photo, it will automatically appear as your profile picture. If you have uploaded more than one image, you can specify which photo you would like to be displayed as your profile picture by clicking on "Profile Photo". Then click on "Save".

Please refer to the copyrights and guidelines for photos displayed on DailyAffair.
Please first check if one or more of your photos violates our rules. You must be clearly visible in each image. We cannot allow photos featuring children or animals.

In addition, images with the following content will not be published:

  • photos with no real people
  • violations of copyright
  • sexual acts
  • glorifications of violence
  • libelous images, defamatory or overtly political and/or religious content
  • commercial content
  • details of contacts (Facebook, email address, phone number, etc.)
  • garbled or highly distorted images

Should you not be aware of which rule is being violated in your photos, please contact our support team.
If you have received an email informing you of this, please check your profile against the following criteria:

  • violent, obscene, racist and/or morally objectionable material
  • advertising, phone numbers, email addresses or links referencing other sites

We ask for your understanding that if your profile violates one or more of the above points, it cannot be unlocked.
Messages and Emails
In order to validate your email address, DailyAffair will have sent an email to the address you provided. Click on the confirmation link in the email. You will then be redirected to DailyAffair. The validation of your email address is completed by following this process.

Please do not reply to the confirmation email, as this is sent automatically by our system and intended exclusively for the sending of the link.

If you have not received an email from {directory name} after your registration, please check your spam folder. If the aforementioned emails there, please mark them as "not spam" and add DailyAffair to the Safe Senders or your favourites list. This will ensure that our emails arrive in your inbox. If you do not find any email in the spam folder, please contact our support.
To make use of DailyAffair as comfortably and flexibly as possible, you can set your own message options. You decide if you want to be notified when you have received a message or have obtained a photo request and more. After logging in, click "Settings" in the navigation under "My Profile" - "Message Options". Here you can decide which emails you want to receive from DailyAffair.

Remember that behind every email, a new erotic contact could be hiding! Therefore, we recommend that you only disable notifications if you are regularly active on DailyAffair.
DailyAffair attaches great importance to sophisticated co-existence. For this reason, we are committed to keeping spammers or intrusive members off of our platform. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to recognise these users in advance. If you have received a message from a spammer or harassing user, please write our support team and include the identification number of the member in the message.
Technical Issues
It is important to enter your login information exactly as it was when you registered. Accordingly, please check for case sensitive errors in your password entry. The same applies to your email address. Also, make sure that you did not accidentally have Caps Lock on.
If the payment transaction is aborted without a confirmation message, your browser probably does not meet the current safety standards for internet payment systems. If this is the case, please check whether an update is available for your browser and install this.

If, after updating your payment settings, it is still not being processed, please contact our support team.
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